Pricing & Packages

“Learn why the world wags and what wags it.”


Consultation — $100

Everything begins with a consultation.

During this meeting we evaluate your puppy/dog with a professional vision. To properly place your dog in one of our follow-up programs.

We get down the nitty gritty to determine what problems/issues might be occurring with your dog.
Is it simple potty training?
Do you have further problems such as Eating Socks, Counter-Surfing, Barking, Chewing, Door-Dashing, Dog to Dog Reactivity Crate Training — You name it; I’ve seen it!
I am here to Help!

Also during this time we will begin you and your pup’s first period of training & coaching! (EXCITING!)
Together, we will create a customized lesson plan with specific goals and desires in mind.

This is to ensure your loved one knows your basics cues (“sit”, “down”, “go to place,” “stay”, “leave it,” “drop-it”, ect…) as well as have a solid understanding of proper behavior, socialization and so much more!

Give us a Ring and tell us about your Pup!

Puppy Follow-Up — $100

Do you have a puppy?!
Puppies are not as easy as some people think.
Puppy classes cover all the doggy basics!
Proper socialization, house-training, common courtesy, basic cues (sit, down, go to place, stay, leave-it, drop, eye contact ect…), chewing, puppy nipping and overall good behavior.
Together we will discuss how to start your puppy’s life by teaching them to make good decisions to avoid the headaches of puppy rearing!

Help your puppy be the best dog it can grow up to be!

Adult Dog Follow-up — $100

These sessions are designed for adult dogs who may have some missed some puppy lessons or need a little more guidance in the adult world.

Door Dashing?
Leash Pulling?
Excessive Barking?
Resource Guarding?
Counter-Surfing (Food Stealing)?
Rat & Pigeon chasing?
Fearful & Anxious?

What problems does your dog have?
We’ve seen it all before and can help!

Together we will help teach your dog how to manage in this big city.

We cover common cues (sit, down, go to place, stay, leave-it, drop, eye contact ect…) and games.
As well as, how to apply them in the real world to help build you & your dog’s confidence with the ultimate goal of a better behaved dog.

Every dog is unique. Some are rescues, some dogs are just a lil extra and need a little more help than that “easy” last pup we had.

I believe you are capable of training your dog basic manners and good behavior; I will show you how to achieve these!

We will work together on your dog’s specific needs to transform them into the great dog they have inside them!

Behavioral Dog Consult & Follow-ups — $150

You’ve already taken the first step, the next one is to call.
We will be able to help!

Has your dog been displaying severe Behavioral Problems?

Dog Aggression? Resource Guarding? Extreme Fear & Anxiety or other concerning issues?
Yes! We are here to help you and your family members!

There will always be dogs that exhibit extreme behavioral issues. These cases are stressful for everyone involved, including your dog.
Using behavior modification methods we can help adjust your dog’s behavior into one that is more desirable.

We are here to help!

During the consultation we will address these extreme behavioral issues you dog has been exhibiting.
Together we will discuss all viable options for you and your family. During our consultation, I work directly with your family to help achieve goals specified to your dog.

We will discuss how to maintain your dog in a safer manner and set up a behavior modification schedule to help them live & achieve a high quality life.

“My experience is that there is, you know, surprisingly, always hope.”
-The Doctor

Board & Train — Limited Space Available

All canines require training to distinguish a good dog from a great dog!
Not everyone has the time or energy to keep up with worthwhile training procedures. 
Board & Train is an option for you the busy individual.
Have your puppy / adult / rescue dog learn healthy happy behaviors the easiest way! 
Board & Train takes the effort of having a dog.
Have a certified behaviorist train your dog.

John personally will care and train your dog in his home to be on their best behavior.
Contact John for more info: 212-466-6042

[Click here to learn about our Board & Train.]

Dog Walking/Hiking — Limited Space Available

Do you work all day and your pooch is all locked up in your house?
We do provide professional dog walking and hiking options!
Your loved one will be in the most capable of hands.
We are looking for a few regular consistent clients to join our pup family.

Traveling Fee

We travel to every visit and must schedule appropriately.
We are based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
We cover most of the Brooklyn, Queens & parts of Manhattan.
We reserve the right to charge a traveling fee if you are outside of our regular zone. Let us know where you live
Give us a call and lets talk!

We are here to help your pup!

Contact for more info!
212-466-6042 (Brooklyn & NYC)

**All Prices Are Subject Taxes & To Change Without Notice.**