Board & Train

Why should you Board & Train?
Is Board & Train for you and your pup?
Why choose John’s Dog Magic?

Has your family recently grown by four legs and have no idea what to do?
Maybe you have you had a family member been troublesome for a while?
Our Board & Train will teach your pup the proper ways of the dog world.
Let us help!

Why should you Board & Train?

All canines require training to distinguish a good dog from a great dog! Not everyone has the time or energy to keep up with worthwhile training procedures. Board & Train is an option for busy individuals with little time on their hands to properly teach their puppy/rescue dog healthy happy behaviors. Time and energy is always short in this wild world. Board & Train takes the effort of having a well trained dog.

Why choose John’s Dog Magic?

John’s Dog Magic provides a unique Board & Train experience for your pup. We provide a rare in-home live-in real-life NYC experience. Unlike other board and trains, your dog will be learning how to be an appropriate dog in a Brooklyn home setting. Learning in these settings greatly helps with the transference of behaviors from this home to your home. Through our four week, holistic, positive & force-free training period your dog will learn how to navigate the real world by making real-life “good/desirable” decisions. Learning to be a faithful dog by choice instead of fear of repercussion.

While enrolled into the Board & Train program, your dog will receive consistent exercise (physical/mental) in and outside of the home. This socialization is done to help your dog figure out this great big world, they are exposed to the sounds and sights of life. This helps your pooch be well adjusted and feel confident within this wild world.

Additionally, your dog will be one of a limited exclusive few that will be enrolled in the program. We only take in a couple dogs maximum at a time; this ensures your pup gets all the proper coaching it deserves. Learning and living in a home with few other dogs they will receive personalized singular focused attention that other, more crowded services cannot provide. The Board & Train program provides 24/7 training & care.

Upon completion of our Board & Train program you will be receiving back a happy well-trained dog! Your dog will know more than “just the basics” they will be actively making better decisions for the rest of their lives. Harmony will enter your lives.

[Magic being a great mentor!]

Space is extremely limited!
Plan ahead and secure a spot for your pup in our learning home!

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