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Why should you Board & Train?
Is Board & Train for you and your pup?
Why choose John’s Dog Magic?

Welcome to John’s Dog Magic, where we approach training with intelligence and love, putting the well-being of your furry family member at the forefront. As your family has grown by four legs, we understand the challenges that come with it. If you’re unsure how to navigate this new journey or if a family member has been troublesome, our Board & Train program is here to help!

Why opt for Board & Train?
Every canine deserves proper training to distinguish a good dog from a great one. We recognize that time and energy can be scarce in this fast-paced world, so our exclusive Board & Train option is designed for busy individuals seeking to instill healthy and happy behaviors in their puppy or rescue dog. Our program takes the effort out of training, ensuring you have a well-trained dog with less hassle.

Why choose John’s Dog Magic?
At John’s Dog Magic, we offer a unique Board & Train experience for your pup. Unlike other board and train services, we provide a rare in-home, live-in, real-life experience right here on Long Island. This setting helps your dog seamlessly transfer learned behaviors from our home to yours. Throughout the four-week holistic training period, we use positive and force-free methods, allowing your dog to make real-life “good/desirable” decisions driven by choice, instead of one based in fear of a prong or shock collar.

Our Board & Train will teach your pup the proper ways of the dog world.
Let us help!

During the program, your dog will enjoy consistent exercise both indoors and outdoors, promoting socialization and confidence in navigating the world. Our exclusive approach ensures that we only take in a limited number of dogs at a time, providing personalized attention and coaching to each pup. Your furry friend will receive 24/7 training and care.

Upon completion, you’ll welcome back a happy, well-trained dog who goes beyond the basics, making better decisions for a harmonious life. Magic, one of our great mentors, is always there to support the learning process.

Space is extremely limited, so plan ahead and secure a spot for your pup in our learning home! If you’re interested in our unique Board & Train program, give us a call. We’d love to talk more and set up a consultation for your furry companion’s enriching journey. Together, we’ll bring out the magic in your dog’s life!

[Magic being a great mentor!]

Space is extremely limited!
Plan ahead and secure a spot for your pup in our learning home!

Interested in our unique Board & Train program for your pup?
Give us a call.
We’d love to talk more and set up a Board & Train consultation.


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