This is Magic Julius.
He is one of those rare rescue dogs that only comes along with being in the dog world.

[Magic Julius loves SNOW!!!]

John’s story with animals began at an early age. He learned quickly with his family dogs Buffy & Romeo that dogs can be very rewarding. He began volunteering at local shelters & pet sitting. Eventually John found himself moving to Brooklyn to attend college. During this time John allocated a positions managing daycare and moved on up to the Upper East Side of NYC to work at the legendary, ASPCA.

During his time with the ASPCA he came across Senorita Lucy. At the time of her admission Lucy was 3 years old. She was brought to the shelter due to the fact the owners were moving into an apartment that didn’t allow “large dogs.” They were relocating from one upper east side apartment to another upper east side apartment. Being a 100+lb dog in the U.E.S. of NYC she was consistently passed over. Though under-trained, she was the sweetest love bug. Rolling over for belly rubs was her was of greeting any human she met.
Through her John learned the ins and outs of city dog training.

T’wards the end of her thirteenth year on this earth, she started showing signs of being uncomfortable. Then came the fateful day Dr. Victoria, came over and we all came to the consensus that the level of her pain was unscrupulous.
She became a glorious old lady who now rests peacefully.
She led a long healthy life, especially for a Saint Bernard!

<3 I still miss her. <3

[Lucy enjoying a dip.]

Come one March a friend had a client wanting to give up their gorgeous Dogue de Bordeaux that they just shipped to New York from Paris, France. This was the one Magic Julius; his handsome self. Originally hesitant, constant thoughts of, “It’s too soon,” and “I want an easy to train dog cuz I train dogs for a living,” but took him in nonetheless. He’s just too good looking to say no to. He was a mess; he had no trust in humans and wanted to have nothing to do with them. Not eating, he was a scrawny 100lb mess. Using positive methods of training, time, love & offering him a raw food diet, he began to eat in front of me. He began to trust me. Being a big Scooby-Doo, he’d be startled by me moving too fast, this would send running into his crate. A safe zone for him at the time.

In the time since then he has put on roughly thirty pounds and is in optimum health. He trusts me fully and we enjoy near daily hiking trips into the woods. We have discovered he loves water. Not much of a swimmer, he prefers to wade in the shallows and nap on the coast line, letting the waves crash upon his body rocking him into a doze.

He lives with our cat, Slartibartfast, who is the “dog” of the family. Slarti, as he is affectionately known, has learned many “dog” tricks. He will come running upon hearing his name. He will also sit and wait patiently for his meal to be served. Affection is his middle name and can be often found laying on top of me or snuggling up with Magic Julius himself. Magic returns the favor with a loving dose of slobber.

They have grown to love each other!

[Magic Julius & Slartibartfast.]

He really is Magic.


We have added a new family member! Mr. Crowley!
— This Texas Heeler is Growing FAST! —

Mr. Crowley is doing great!
We are working together to get him up to service dog qualifications!
He is obsessed with older brother and helps rangle the “cattle!”

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”

-The Wizard of Oz